We strive to make a difference in the textiles industry, through the supply of custom printed or embroidered, t shirts and clothing for uniforms, merchandise and fashion.

A.M. Custom Clothing was founded with the mission to make a difference to the lives of those who make the clothing products that are worn every day, as uniforms, by millions of workers.

The employment practices of manufacturers in less developed nations often come under scrutiny in the press, but this often focuses on retailers and fashion brands. A.M. Custom Clothing works to fix the same problems, but by focusing on the millions of units produced every year for workwear, uniform, events and promotions.

The beginning…

December 2012

Founder, Alex, started an eco fashion label, selling printed t-shirts made from organic cotton and with reduced CO2 emissions.
Very quickly enquiries started pouring in from businesses who also wanted environmentally friendly and ethical clothing.

July 2013

Alex joined forces with co-founder, Michael, who was running a business selling workwear and promotional clothing. The pair talked a lot about the state of environmental and ethical practices in the clothing industry, and very quickly A.M. Custom Clothing was born.

Featured in a lot of publications along the way…

including The Huffington Post, Business Matters
& Smarta'

December 2013

Became an Official Partner of Neutral. The partnership allowed A.M. Custom Clothing to become the provider of the leading Fairtrade Clothing products in the UK. With products made from 100% Organic, Fairtrade cotton and the prestigious SA8000 standard.

Won some awards….

including an O2 Smarta 100 award for
'Biggest Social Impact'

September 2014

Having acquired a number of prestigious clients, A.M. Custom Clothing was able to move to a bigger and better office. And even managed to paint the walls orange.

November 2014

The A.M. Custom Clothing website was relaunched. Allowing us to bring more game changing products to our customers, in a more intuitive way.

And the story will continue….