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Printing, Embroidery & Customisation

Minimum Orders

Bespoke Manufacture

Why we require artwork before quoting


Printing onto dark colours


Do you offer more products than those listed on your website?

Sublimation Printing - Only works on Polyester

DTG Printing - Only works on Cotton

Embroidery - Thick materials & customers own products

How do I test fit, fabrics and more?

My Product has branding inside it

What is the branding like in the products?


How do I get a sample product?

Design Work

Will my design be the same as on screen?

Why colours come out differently

What artwork is required for my design to be printed and why?

Pantone Matching

Do you have resources I can provide my client with?

Digital Mockups

How do I get one made?

Can I keep changing my design work?


Why is my shipping so expensive?

How can I reduce my shipping costs?

What are the Lead times?

My order hasn’t arrived - Where is it?

Price Match Promise

What is required from the customer and how does it work?

Why we won’t match some suppliers and our prices will remain higher


Discount on bulk purchases? - What is it?

How should I put regular orders in?

Contacting Us

Can I visit your offices?

Why emails are better for us and you than phone calls

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