Placing an order

Ordering with A.M. Custom Clothing couldn’t be more simple.
Here’s our process:

Stage 1.
Fill out our ‘Request a Quote’ form, allowing us to see exactly what you need and we can let you know how much it will cost you.
If you do not know what you need and want our specialist advice, drop us an email or call us, this information is available in the contact section.

Stage 2.
If you are happy with our quote and want to go forward and make an order simply email us back or give us a call, and we can go over everything, ensuring we meet all of your needs.

Stage 3.
We create a full and final quote/jobsheet, specifying all of the details of your order and have everything approved by you.

Stage 4.
Should you require, you can order a sample product, before putting in that big order.

Stage 5.
All final amendments are made and you confirm the final Jobsheet.

Stage 6.
Having received confirmation your order goes into production.

Stage 7.
We pack and deliver all of your products.

Stage 8.
We follow up and ensure you are fully satisfied with everything, you are further invoiced enabling you to pay for the products.