Sample Products


Whilst we’re proud of our products and think you’ll love them, we get endless requests for free samples from customers. While we understand the desire to test things out first, if we offered samples to everyone, we'd run out of time for bulk orders!  

We believe we have a fair way to deal with samples:

Due to the time required by the design and print team to produce a sample, we cannot produce one-off digital mockups or PRINTED samples prior to a full order being placed and payment being made. 

Once you place an order you receive a digital mockup, this is a PDF document showing a digital representation of your designs on your chosen garments. This allows you to check the positioning before anything goes to production.

Once we have approval of the digital mockup from you, only then can we create a pre-production sample upon request. We will only create a pre-production sample if requested - if you do not ask for a sample we will go straight into production of your full order.

We will charge you for your samples and credit you the value of the garments up to £10. This protects us from abuse of the samples, whilst also providing genuine customers with a fair way to test products.

If required, you can purchase blank sample products before a bulk order, to test the garment. Blank samples cannot be returned or provided free of charge. We can credit you the value of the garments up to £10 against a bulk order.

If you're in anyway worried about the production of your garments, head over to our clients page, to see some of our existing customers and case studies. With A.M. Custom Clothing, you can rest assured you're in safe hands.


These terms apply to all standard new orders.
With existing customers or unique circumstances these terms may vary at the discretion of A.M. Custom Clothing (UK) Ltd. Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.