high quality vinyl printing used for marketing merchandise

Vinyl printing is ideal when you need a simple design printed quickly and economically.

Also known as Cad Cut Vinyl printing, the process is very similar to Digital Transfer printing, with the main difference being Vinyl printing is more suitable for designs with 1 or 2 colours, rather than full colour designs. This process is really popular with sports teams, construction companies, university student’s unions, as well as colleges and schools. The popularity in these areas is a result of being able to have bespoke personalisation across every product, such as names, numbers or job roles.

This option is perfect for those requiring fast turnaround times, or needing printing onto non-conventional materials, such as high-visibility workwear, nylon fabrics and hard hats.

Vinyl prints come in an array of colours, and are ultra-durable, ensuring a bold lasting print, to help your team stand out.

4 Reasons to Vinyl Print

1. Cost effective for smaller volumes.
2. Durable finish.
3. Does not fade easily after washing.
4. Highest quality, with all of our printing & finishing undertaken here in the UK.

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How Vinyl Printing Works

The process starts with your artwork being digitally traced into our software, allowing our digital cutter, to be able to cut the design out from a sheet of Vinyl. The Vinyl can then be removed from its backing sheet, and simply heat pressed onto the garment.

Vinyl is the most appropriate solution for simple low cost printing, and comes available in an array of colours.
This is also an effective means to print onto darker colours.

This process is not appropriate for more complex design work or photographs.

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